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ASL 2025

ASL 2025 Responds to Mr. Barbieri's November 30 E-mail

December 2, 2015

Dear Members,
In response to Mr. Barbieri's email of November 30th, Mr. Barbieri calls himself a "man of honor." He professes to have the League's best interests at heart. If he did, we believe he would respond to the specific facts we have set out, and to the questions we have asked. Instead, he again resorts to general unsupported allegations and distortions to support his arguments.
We stated that the Board had not complied with Not For Profit Law 519(a). Now, at the eleventh hour, they say they have decided to post several years worth of certified audited reports on the League's website. That does not comply with the law - which states that the members must receive copies in a timely fashion, within six months of the end of the fiscal year. They can claim they have been in compliance, but they have not. And nothing they say will make it so. 

Mr. Barbieri tries to take credit for the 2003 renovation as if he was the prime mover behind it. He wasn't even a member or on the Board. Whether the job was performed adequately, and whether the cost was reasonable, we leave that for others to judge. 

Mr. Barbieri again makes the claim that in the Special Meeting the night prior to the Cantilever transaction vote, "These same candidates conspired to prevent that vote." The truth is, the Special Meeting was called to adjourn the vote for 90 days so that more information could be obtained about the details of the transaction and whether the ordinary "due diligence" had been done. There was never an intent to prevent a vote. It was not "these candidates", (i.e. ASL 2025's current slate,) who called the Special Meeting, but members who signed a petition as required by the By-laws.

His claim that an ASL 2025 candidate, got up and threatened members is not true. What that person actually said was that he didn't like some people in the meeting room, referring to certain members of the Board and Administration who were doing everything in their power to prevent legitimate questions from being asked.

Mr. Barbieri says he never speaks to Mr. Goldberg about scholarships. Why not? Isn't figuring out the number and amounts of scholarships part of the budgeting process, which is part of the Board's duties?
As to Mr. Barbieri's conduct at members meetings, just ask anyone who has attended them about how he conducts himself. He has no respect for parliamentary procedures or democratic norms. At a recent meeting, he got into a physical confrontation with a 74-year-old member who just wanted to ask him a question, and Mr. Barbieri had to be separated from that person by a League security guard. There were witnesses to this incident. As to threats and intimidation, he has had opponents, escorted off the premises when they privately or publicly expressed their opposition to Board policies or procedures. He has arranged for the firing of monitors who have openly spoken out against him.
Finally, he claims that the lawsuit which was filed was done to overturn the will of the "overwhelming membership vote." That is exactly the point of the lawsuit - the membership included all 4,000 members who were entitled to vote.  By twisting the meaning of By-law 31, and then denying members entitled to vote that privilege through spurious means, the outcome was not, as he puts it, an overwhelming majority vote. 
We feel that there is only one word that adequately describes Mr. Barbieri's email - hypocrisy. He accuses Mr. Robbins of wanting to circumvent the Constitution, while he and the Board have consistently violated the Constitution and By-laws, including using absentee ballots when they weren't permitted, putting restrictions on the use of proxies that are nowhere in the Constitution or By-laws, violating By-laws on electioneering and use of the League's funds in campaigns, and failing to abide by the provisions for the conduct of nominations and elections (including those reaffirmed in Stein v ASL). 
Mr. Barbieri continues to say that $800,000 has been spent on legal fees concerning the Cantilever transaction lawsuit, we have yet to see the legal bills we requested be made available to the membership. Why aren't they being released?

Enough Mr. Barbieri. Maybe the following quote said to another individual who had no respect for democratic norms, is apropos; "Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

ASL 2025 - The Reform Team

Marne Rizika, President
Susan Brauser, Vice President
Roberto Franzone, Board Member
Salvatore Forte, Board Member
Walanne Steele, Board Member


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