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ASL 2025

A Message from Marne Rizika

December 1, 2015
Dear Members,

As a life member and working artist, I am grateful to the League and its community of artists and instructors for my experiences at the League. For the past 30 years, I have been concentrating on still life and landscape. I've always considered the League, my "home away from home." As a meeting place it provided exposure to a wide spectrum of people with diverse cultural backgrounds, united with a common interest in art. I have returned again and again to the League to refresh my painting skills and connect with the unique community of artists existing here. 

Over the last several years, the atmosphere has changed radically.  The collegiality that once existed has evaporated, replaced with a top-down hierarchy.
The reason that I am running for President of the Board is to preserve the unique experience that I enjoyed and benefitted from for future generations of artists.
Under President Barbieri's stewardship, I believe that the League has strayed off course.  In response to these concerns, I and other members formed our ASL 2025 slate to get the League headed back in the right direction, with fresh ideas, a healthy respect for the institution's values and mission, and governance by members for members.  We support transparency, accountability, responsiveness, and real membership input and control. Make the League better, not bigger. Please see our platform for more details.
The Board and its supporters attempt to ascribe ulterior motives to our campaign. There is no "man behind the curtain" pulling the strings.  There are just principled members who have, at much cost to them, decided to voice their concerns and make a change.  The idea of a mysterious backer is nonsense. 
Please join me and the rest of the slate in returning the institution to its core values. Cast your vote in person on December 2nd. If you have already voted, you can come to the meeting on December 2nd and change your vote.
I want to thank all of the volunteers and supporters who have worked so diligently to create and maintain our campaign.  Thank you for investing your time and energy to accomplish the objective of restoring the League to its true mission and potential. I wish you all a bright, creative and productive future in the calling of your choice.

Ever hopefully,
Marne Rizika
Candidate for President 

Serumgard Farm, North Dakota
Oil on Canvas
48h x 36w

Dismantling Gantry Crane
Charcoal on paper
40w x 30h inches

Prison Point Bridge and Boston Sand and Gravel
Charcoal on Paper
26h x 40w


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