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ASL 2025

What John Varriano Didn't Tell You In His E-mail

November 24, 2015

Dear Members,

Another Board supporter, who testified on behalf of the Board in the litigation, resorts to unfortunate personal attacks against the people challenging the Board. Mr. Varriano's letter makes generalized allegations that we are engaged in scare tactics, and that we ignore facts and provide misinformation. Yet he does not provide any evidence that his allegations are true. He does not point to a set of specific facts that we have gotten wrong, nor does he respond to any of our very specific narratives about misconduct. Also, he tells about positive improvements by the Board and that much good has been accomplished, but cites no specifics.

Mr. Varriano says that he recommended the hiring of Mr. Barbieri. What Mr. Varriano doesn't tell you is that his own experience was in the construction industry. He also doesn't tell you that the League project cost $11 million and was overseen by Mr. Barbieri. He supervised the entire project, as described by Mr. Goldberg on Mr. Barbieri's website. http://mpmplanning.com/references/  No one has ever specifically explained how this money was spent.

Mr. Varriano also doesn't tell you exactly when Mr. Barbieri started taking courses at the League, and when he became a member. We do know that Mr. Barbieri was appointed to the Board in May 2004, approximately one year from when he first appeared at the League to oversee the 2003 construction. Was there no other League member other than Mr. Barbieri qualified to serve on the Board?

Mr. Varriano does confirm, as we have stated, that brand-new member and Board member, Sal Barbieri, was an "important part" of the negotiations of the air rights deal. Maybe that is the reason that Mr. Barbieri ascended to the Board so quickly. Then only two years later, Mr. Barbieri became President and has been in that position ever since. For more information about the air rights sale: The Anatomy of Air-Rights-Sale

Mr. Varriano's suggestion that we take our evidence to the Attorney General's office is a good one and we will follow up on it.

Sincerely, ASL 2025 - The Reform Team

Marne Rizika, President
Susan Brauser, Vice President
Roberto Franzone, Board Member
Salvatore Forte, Board Member


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