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ASL Member Jose Morales Responds to Dan Gheno

November 16, 2015

Dear Mr. Gheno,

I don't mean any disrespect but your views seem a bit biased to the point that it almost appears to be a paid political announcement. I have seen firsthand how this current administration has deemed any group that has opposed their views or questioned their due diligence and transparency as dissidents.

Your comment that a small group like ASL Unite packed a meeting to try to undo the wishes of the overall membership is not only false, but shortsighted. You failed to mention that this meeting was actually, overwhelmingly saturated with people favorable to this administration. But, the majority of those present were on the payroll or students with grants. Also you failed to mention that in the same meeting, Barbieri, and his henchmen used strong-man tactics to intimidate the opposition, going as far as knocking down a prop of the Nordstrom tower and not allowing it to be used by a speaker trying to make a point. Is this the democracy you were referring to?

I'm sorry Mr. Gheno, I'm sure you mean well, I'm just not convinced that the Democratic Process has been served or honored during these difficult times. In fact, when I recently questioned who our independent auditor was who receives and counts the absentee ballots, I was informed that it was actually the League's Accountant. Isn't there an inherent conflict of interest there? How independent is this? These are the sort of inner workings at the League which, although they might seem insignificant to the administration, create an aura of suspicion which, when un-addressed, leaves the observer to embrace the ideas of any group that opposes this administration.

Instead of addressing point by point all the issues in question, this administration creates a smoke screen. They allow the observer to trivialize the essence of opponents' statements by suggesting that their sole intent is to use scare tactics against the young students. They suggest that Ira can walk on water, while quoting Macbeth, meanwhile attacking the real friends and protectors of the League. Clearly, this administration is unwilling to come clean and respond with concrete facts.They would rather, have others come to their defense and try to convince us of how wonderful they are.

If this is the best they have, the best they can do, we deserve better. A change is long overdue.

Thank you,

Jose F. Morales
League Member


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