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ASL 2025

ASL 2025 Responds to Ira Goldberg

November 9, 2015

Dear Mr. Goldberg,

Your explanation of Mr. Gheno's hiring is not something we have ever disputed. Whether you or the Board hired Mr. Gheno is not the question. As you well know, you and Mr. Gheno both serve at the pleasure of the Board and can be removed or terminated by them for any reason.

There is an ongoing, relentless transformation of the entire League from its original goal to exist as a studio art institution, a workplace for artists and would-be artists, into something completely different. Members are unaware of plans for educational expansion and only learn of them when new academic programs are published on the League's website. It is in the context of a drive to make the League into primarily an educational institution that we understand the issue of accreditation has been discussed and explored.

A growing number of students enrolled in the Four-Year Certificate Program now pay an estimated $3,300 per year, according to the League's website, the only place members would find that information. Employing the language of academia, the League states that tuition for the Certificate Program "is a calculation of your primary and secondary core requirements and varies based on your class selection. Tuition does not include non-refundable school fees. Both tuition and school fees are subject to increase."

The winds of change blowing over the League are not all gale-force like those that brought us the Board-approved sale of our property rights to Extell in 2005 and 2014. Some blow gently and result in subtle changes that, "inch by inch," are leading us away from the League's intended mission.

Finally, the League has been owned by its members for 140 years, and remains so. It is of great concern to us that these changes are being implemented secretly, with no opportunity for members' consideration and discussion.

Sincerely, ASL 2025 - The Reform Team

Marne Rizika, President
Susan Brauser, Vice President
Roberto Franzone, Board Member
Salvatore Forte, Board Member
Walanne Steele, Board Member


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