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ASL 2025

An Open Letter to Sharon Sprung

November 6, 2015

Dear Ms. Sprung,

As members of the League, we have received your recent e-mail that supports the Board and denigrates the opposition. We respectfully disagree with your opinions about the Board's performance. Critics like ourselves, who in good faith disagree with or oppose the Board's actions, should not be characterized as disingenuous.

You state that there have been exaggerations and inaccuracies in the ASL 2025 communications, but you haven't provided specific examples that we can look into. As you have never served on the Board, it is difficult to understand how you can tell whether the Board has been transparent and truthful. Here are two examples of actions that the Board took which we find disturbing. They are just two of many. In 2010, Mr. Arthur Stein, a long-time member, had to go to court just to get access to the membership list so that he could communicate his views to the members during his election campaign.

During the Cantilever transaction, members who requested copies of the contract they were being asked to vote on had to seek help from Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal in order to get the Board to release that contract to the members. We do not believe that this demonstrates openness and responsiveness to the members by the Board.

Your letter clearly confirms the League's involvement in fulfilling educational goals and providing other educational experiences, and speaks exactly to our point that the League's mission is being changed. The League's original mission of allowing artists and artists-to-be to work inside a studio with artist instructors is clearly being diluted. The nature of the League is changing for reasons we don't understand. The membership, to whom the Board is ultimately responsible, has not been consulted as to whether they approve of these changes.

We understand that you have your own opinions about how the League has been operating, that you feel you have been fully informed, and that you have every confidence in the Board. Unfortunately, many of us do not share those opinions and have been critical of, and opposed to, many of the Board's actions over the last number of years.

We strongly believe that open debate is the bedrock of democracy and that the League should and must be run democratically, with a Board that is responsive and accountable to the membership.

Very Truly Yours,

Meredith Gowell, ASL Life Member
Beth Kurtz, ASL Life Member
Mary Poerner, ASL Life Member


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